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Whether this is your first exam or your third, our intensive Summer Program is designed to maximize your test-taking capabilities. Our core curriculum is based on developing content knowledge, analyzing test-taking strategies, and applying them with continuous practice exams.

1. We start with a free assessment test.

Every student begins with a diagnostic SAT or ACT that identifies which specific skills a student needs the most help on. The diagnostic exam gives us an ideal base score of where the student currently stands, academically.  It also identifies other dimensions of a student’s performance, such as: specific subject weaknesses, and testing issues (test fatigue or anxiety).  By measuring these and other dimensions, every student’s program can be customized to pinpoint exactly what a student needs to gain and increase their score.

2. We test on a weekly basis.

Drilling content is the most familiar method, however, it is not the best method. Being able to apply that knowledge on the big exam date is what matters. What makes standardized testing tricky is their wording of questions. Frequently, the CollegeBoard SAT presents questions not commonly asked in school. There are nuances that cannot be seen when tackling the exam one subject at a time: some students tend to stay up the night before, others forget to eat breakfast, and still others become fatigued after the halfway mark. By practicing on a weekly basis, we can reinforce good study habits for the big day.

3. We reinforce content.

Rather than asking the same question type five different times, we’d rather ask about the ways a question might be presented. We reinforce content throughout the Summer through different presentations so by the end of our program, the words “I’ve never seen this question before,” becomes “OH! I remember this!”

4. We target specific test-taking strategies and identify common pitfalls.

Whether you are taking the SAT or ACT, we focus on skills and strategies respective to their tests. While we recommend students sparingly use graphing calculators on the SAT to reinforce good math skills, we advocate for its liberal usage on the ACT. By the end of the program, we want students coming out with the same strategies that our instructors use to analyze and solve problems.

5. We have classes with no more than 10 students.

We believe that less (students) is more (scores) when it comes to class size. Whereas the “Top” Prep programs boast a class size over 20, we pride ourselves on small community learning. Studies show that class size does matter when it comes to learning and education. Our small class size of 10 or fewer students promote connection and bonding; each student supports and encourages the other along with our instructors.

Program Details

Our 8-week 72-hour intensive Summer Program is designed with students and parents in mind. Most students are not machines that operate at maximum efficiency 24/7. In contrast to 5 hour long-6 days per week programs, our program is 3 hours a day, 3 days a week with a separate exam day. Similarly to how an athlete wouldn’t train intensively every day until a competition, we rotate intense study days at our center with relaxed review days at home to lessen the stress burden and prevent “burnout.” We make sure that students can handle the load before increasing the intensity to prevent falling behind and crashing. Our goal is to promote the love of education, not to scare them away.

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Early-bird pricing is $2,000 for an 8 week, 72 hour + 6 exams program if you register before April 30th. Afterwards, prices increase to $2,250 before May 31st,and finally to $2,500 starting June. Sign up now to lock in early-bird pricing!

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