Prep By Prep Tutoring & Consulting offers a comprehensive SAT program to aid students in improving their test taking skills to achieve the high scores they strive for.  The New SAT exam focuses on the student’s mathematical reasoning, knowledge of English grammar, and ability to critically analyze text.  Mastering the New SAT requires not only comprehensive knowledge of Math & English, but also a profound understanding on how to apply and use that knowledge when it comes to taking the SAT exam.

Prep By Prep’s skill-based curriculum is designed to assist students in becoming more familiar with the content of the test. The SAT program also strengthens the student’s ability to apply knowledge of that content to figuring out solutions.  Prep By Prep tutors work closely with not only students, but other tutors to decide on the right approach for helping each individual student achieve their goals.  In addition, we are constantly measuring student’s successes and failures, to further tailor a program to each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Every student begins with a diagnostic SAT that identifies which specific skills a student needs the most help on. The diagnostic exam gives us an ideal base score of where the student currently stands, academically.  It also identifies other dimensions of a student’s performance, such as: question format weaknesses, and testing issues (test fatigue or anxiety).  By measuring these and other dimensions, every student’s program can be customized to pinpoint exactly what a student needs to gain and increase their SAT score.

Starting Knowledge

Question/Answer Issues

Identify Weaknesses

Test Taking Issues


Every Prep By Prep scholar has their own individualized curriculum.  Our team of tutors work collectively to analyze each student’s performance throughout the progression of the program.  No program is the same between any two students, and no class size is larger than 10.  The Prep By Prep team of tutors dedicate their time to helping each student in every aspect of learning and performance on their SAT.  We make sure every student receives the individual attention they deserve.


The SAT Exam is different from what you learn in school.  Prep By Prep has a General Approach to aid students in approaching each type of question on the SAT.  No matter the type of question, Prep By Prep will help you attack the problem appropriately and ensure you don’t waste any of your time figuring out the correct answer.
Learn, master and perfect your understanding of the topics at hand.  On the test, you may encounter the test’s tricks and traps that may cause your scores to falter.  If you work with our tutors we will assist you with filling in any material gaps which may be holding you back, and identifying the test’s tricks so you may solve them quickly and effectively.
Once your foundation and roots are established, the real SAT strategies begin.  Your Prep By Prep tutor will help you reshape your academic knowledge to fit the SAT exam.  You will begin to learn how questions are formed and what concept and skills are needed to answer each question.  You will soon be able to approach each SAT question the way a tutor would!


Grammar & Sentence Completion


Reading Comprehension


Mathematics (Algebra)


Mathematics (Geometry)


Essay Writing


Stay informed with every step of your child’s progress.  There’s nothing more important than measuring your progress to your goals.  We track your student’s progress every time they take a test, quiz, assignment, and even during lesson plans.  We quantify everything we can to ensure that the student stays on track, and modify the curriculum accordingly to keep it specific to your student.

Our SAT Programs

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18 hours Program (Short)

Students gain familiarity and comfort with the SAT by covering basic test-taking strategies. Targeted lessons focus on students’ 20-25 most significant content weaknesses. Our Short Program is ideal for students who need to fine-tune their current SAT score, who have limited time to prep, or for students who need to focus on one particular section of the SAT.

  • 18 hours of instruction
  • 2 full-length practice tests
  • Study Time Frame: 1-2 months
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30 hours Program (Boot Camp)

In addition to providing a complete overview of all three required sections of the SAT, the Standard Plus Program spends more time strengthening a student’s weakest section. This program is ideal for students who desire improvement in all 3 sections of the SAT, but who might struggle in one section in particular.

  • 30 hours of instruction
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • Study Time Frame: 2-4 months
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45 hours Program (Regular)

The Comprehensive Program provides students with a complete understanding of all question types found on the SAT. Targeted lessons address all content areas as well as testing challenges such as timing and test anxiety. Ideal for students who need to see significant score increases or who struggle with standardized tests.

  • 45 hours of instruction
  • 6 full-length practice tests
  • Study Time Frame: 4-6 months
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60 hours Program (Max)

Our Maximum Program is for students who want to achieve their greatest possible score increase or for students who are preparing for multiple Subject Tests in addition to the SAT. Students become masters of the SAT, learning content and timing strategies for every single question type they will see on the exam.

  • 60 hours of instruction
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • Study Time Frame: 6+ months
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