Madison Gonzales

Prep By Prep is very professional and got me into the college of my of my dreams! They prepared me well for not only the SAT and ACT, but helped me with my other classes that I took in high school as well. They have a great staff who are always available to contact and who are committed to help you get the score you want, to get into the college of your choice. They are also a tremendous help when it comes to filling out college applications and writing colleges essays.

Macie Gonzales

The tutors at prep by prep are very personable! They really study your strengths and weaknesses to figure out the best plan for you to succeed. They’re flexible with their schedules to make sure you are prepared for your tests. Applying to colleges isn’t scary with their help!

Clayton Clark

I had major doubts coming in to work with the people at Prep By Prep; however, I was totally wrong in thinking these things. From the first one on one meeting I realized that there was something special. Prep By Prep helps one improve immensely through focusing and strengthening basic but necessary skills as well as breaking up each test section to get rid of one’s flaws.

Ashley Spellman

Whether it was improving my act score or preparing me for my AP tests, they were there every step of my journey to success. Prep by Prep got me into my dream school and helped me achieve every goal I set. Getting into prestigious colleges these days is a very tough and competitive game and I’m lucky I was able to have Prep by Prep on my side to help me get wherever I wanted to go.

Autumn Silverberg

Last October I showed up to Prep-by-Prep to seek help on college applications and ACT prep. I am an extreme procrastinator and waited until October of my senior year to seek help; this seemed daunting at the time, but Prep-by-Prep was willing to quickly take me in and help me tremendously. They quickly scheduled me to come in multiple times a week to improve my ACT score and helped me to create amazing college essays. With their help, I was able to raise my ACT score from a 25 to a 31 in the time span of 3 weeks and create a very strong college application, that helped get me into 7 colleges! I am now a student at the University of San Diego and I love it; I would not be where I am at today without their extensive help!