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At Prep By Prep, our main focus is getting you into the right school to help jump start your future.  Whether it’s finding the best schools, improving test scores,  aiding in the community, or simply academia, Prep By Prep is here to help make you a top notch candidate during College Admissions.

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Test Prep Programs

Prep By Prep classroom sizes do not exceed 10 students per session.  We believe in high quality instruction along with reciprocation from each student.  This also allows for our team to prep learning plans for each student more effectively.  Prep By Prep believes that each client deserves the best individual guidance provided by our team, as no individual is the same.


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Tutoring for K-12 & Colleges

Stuck on a problem? Not understanding some materials? Don’t worry, it happens. Come in and schedule a session to get tutoring for any subjects like English, History, Science or Math. We are here year-round to help you master any subjects you are struggling on.

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Prep By Prep is very professional and got me into the college of my of my dreams! They have a great staff who are always available to contact and who are committed to help you get the score you want and into the college of your choice.

Madison Gonzales

The tutors at prep by prep are very personable! They really study your strengths and weaknesses to figure out the best plan for you to succeed. They’re flexible with their schedules to make sure you are prepared for your tests. Applying to colleges isn’t scary with their help!

Macie Gonzales

From the first one on one meeting I realized that there was something special. Prep By Prep helps one improve immensely through focusing and strengthening basic but necessary skills as well as breaking up each test section to get rid of one’s flaws.

Clayton Clark

Why Choose Prep By Prep

Bi-Weekly Results & Updates

Know your strengths and weaknesses!  Get instant access to our online portal and see how well you do on a week to week basis.  You also get an assessment overview every 2 weeks!

Elite Tutors

We screen our Tutors through a rigorous interview process and only employ highly qualified candidates (only 10% of applicants are accepted).  Our Tutors are dedicated to your success!

Revolutionized Curriculum

Our team of experts has developed an adaptive curriculum to cater to each student’s individual needs. All of our SAT & ACT Programs are structured uniquely such that each student is geared for success!

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