College Consulting – Admissions to the College of Your Dream

Prep By Prep offer a variety of College Consulting, whether your are in Middle School, High School, or in College. The Prep By Prep admissions team dedicates to help every one of our students enroll into his or her top college choices. As universities become increasingly harder to get into each year, Prep By Prep will ensure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd by making your application competitive, constructing your unique personal statement, as well as walking you through The Common Application. With our college admissions professionals, we will take the time to analyze which schools fit your personality, interests, competitiveness, finances, location, or any other important values you may have. Attending the right college has never been easier!

Undergraduate Admissions

Seniors in High School look no further! Come speak to one of our admissions specialist to help aid you in attending your future dream college! Make sure you stand above the rest of your competition and have an impeccable application. We will help you along the process to ensure you have the good grades, exam scores, leadership, and community involvement that your college is looking for!

Transfer Admissions

Transfer Admissions can be tricky if you didn’t prep right.  Be sure to speak to one of our Admissions Specialist to make sure you are on track to being admitted to your dream college.  Don’t fall short on a few credits or waste years away. Speak to Prep By Prep today to ensure and plan your road to success!

Graduate Admissions

Looking to advance your degree and further your education? Not sure which Graduate school is a good fit? Prep By Prep’s subdivision can help you find the right Graduate School and prep you to be admitted into one.