Our Mission

We believe every student should have the opportunity to maximize (“his or her”) academic success through personal consultation. As students struggle to navigate the competitive process of college admissions, Prep by Prep is here to walk each individual through the procedure. Unlike other preparation services, we offer personalized portfolios of each of our students and focus on building a relationship with our clients.

We will sit down with each student and discuss the best strategies to enable your child to achieve a successful future at a college or university that has been personally/carefully selected to meet your child’s goals. At Prep By Prep, we screen our tutors through a rigorous interview process and only employ highly qualified candidates (only 10% of applicants are accepted). We can ensure that your child will receive the highest quality preparation for both standardized tests and college admission procedures.

Our Goal

Our goal as a company is to help your child overcome the competitive edge and to pursue a career in the field that he or she deserves. With our intensive curriculum and dependable instructors, Prep by Prep will help our students increase their SAT/ACT/GRE scores. We strive to build personal relationships with our clients and ensure that their child stays focused and up-to-date on upcoming obligations. Working hand-in-hand with parents is important for improving their child’s education. When utilizing the tools that Prep by Prep provide, our students, as well as their parents, will feel comfortable about their future education. Our college consulting package includes SAT/ACT/GRE preparation, college application/admissions consulting, as well as a scholarship application package.

Why Choose Us?

Prep by Prep understands that important choices cannot always be made instantaneously. We will always respect your final decision and move forward based on what you choose. All of our instructors have been through the application and college process, and know how to help your child to do the same. Our system cannot guarantee any specific results, as the admissions and testing process vary with student performance and application, but we are dedicated to prepare and guide you and your child to ensure the best chances of success. Our collaborative approach works with the student to help build confidence and discipline so that they can be successful in college and beyond.

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